Land Strategies – January/February 2014


These images were taken over a period of seven weeks during the residency by HMS artist Chris Wright.  Chris worked in and around the exhibition space and from time to time with collaborators – Rie Suto, Michael Hudson, Peter Barnard, Chen Yizhong and Louise Garland.

Residency Harrington Mill, Long Eaton Land Strategies January 6th to February 21st 2014

The aim is to allow a discourse where the intersections of space, function and artist create a dia- logue so the artist and process of art-making becomes performative. My project is about constant disturbance through the dislocation of site by the artist in relation to place. The project straddles the border between art and research and consists of the development of thoughts and concepts that occur solely because of being in a particular place at a particular time.

theCommons is the collaborative part of the residency. These are planned to occur at regular intervals and take place in different ways e.g. discourse, collaboration or a performative action by whatever media be it Skype, email or personal visit. If you would like to take part, please contact me. The first collaboration is with musician Michael Hobson. The intention is to create a sound track for the space relating to the haptic experience of being in the space especially at night when the feel is rich and velvety. The second will be Chinese artist Chen Yizhong. Yizhong will be a Skype partner in the last week of January.

It is documented at



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