Back Story – Stroll On – 7th to 22nd December 2013

Stroll On looks at the contemporary artist’s fascination with walking.

Blackfordby Text  Blackfordby  David Manley (From The Earth Wealth series)

For myself I made a body of work in 2010/11 From The Earth Wealth that comprised paintings and photographs of all the villages in my district of North West Leicestershire and will show some of the photographs from that.

20100302_0151 image from Par Hazard Ingrid Newton

Ingrid Newton‘s Par Hazard utilises chance as a determining factor in a kind of flaneur exercise through London’s hinterland whilst Glen Stoker paces out the psychological forensics of urban space in Midlands cities in Walking In Circles (part 1).


Installation view of Walking in Circles Pt. 1, 2013
Eleven framed black & white and colour c-type digital photographs with text,  Glen Stoker

redrag2  London Road, Derby  Glen Stoker (from Walking In Circles)

Rachel Wing‘s work is more diverse in its use of media – she uses text, drawing, watercolour and photography in her exploration of the rural landscapes of the Midlands.

thumbs_rachel-wing-the-trees-descend-into-a-wood-along-glen-trool-3  Drawing  Rachel Wing

I am delighted that Rosie Kearton (who showed at HMS this past summer) has also exhibited a piece of work focussed on coastal walking.  These five artists in differing way are examining our continued commitment to walking as an embodiment of expression in art.

IMG_4817  Installation view, in foreground – Light Coastal Walk  Rosie Kearton to the left, Par Hazard, Ingrid Newton

strollw03  Installation view Rachel Wing

strollw01  Installation view

strollw02  Installation view, left Ingrid Newton centre David Manley right Glen Stoker


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