Back Story – Painting Too – 3rd to 24th November 2013

The exhibition is now ended.  See a short video here…


Installation: Stephen B. MacInnis, selection from the ‘Long Series’


Installation view, from left: Lisa Denyer, Rachel Pinks, Terry Greene, Matthew Macaulay


Installation view: from left: Vincent Hawkins, Matthew Macauley, Lisa Denyer


Installation view: from left: Vincent Hawkins, Rachael Macarthur

p1110642-to-p  (to -P), 2012   Terry Greene

When I came to cast ‘The Discipline Of Painting’ it was clear that current abstraction is in rude good health…and not only in terms of a more formalist response.  At some point in my deliberations Andy Parkinson suggested that I make contact with Terry Greene (whom we both knew through his blogs) and that Terry might be up for exhibiting some work at the Mill. So I set to rejigging the programme to squeeze in a second painting show.  Of course ‘The Indiscipline Of Painting’ was a title already taken (my show being a tongue in cheek riposte to that) so another title was required.  I toyed briefly with one or two ideas around the notion that this show (Terry himself suggested it be a group exhibition) would concentrate on work that was looser in execution (though I doubt in conception) and a title might result…but they all seemed too cheesy so in my head it became Painting 2.  And that became ‘Painting Too’ as a way of nodding in the direction of this idea – that of work which is both similar in thinking – the disposition of colour and form with a certain rigour – and different.  This difference is in the push and pull of paint in response to whatever is laid down first.  And that first, more often than not, an intuitive and unpremeditated action.  At least that is how these works seem to me.

Terry and myself corresponded and the selection of painters is mine (I take the blame solely!) but hopefully informed by Terry’s thoughts too.  Incidently his blog is a marvellous place to go to see what is out there.  Vincent Hawkins is a painter I’ve much admired for some time though I’ve had precious little opportunity to view them in the flesh until now.  Lisa Denyer I knew only through online sources, as is also the case with Matthew Macaulay and Rachael MacArthur.  Rachael Pinks is better known to me, she is based in this region and we have shown in exhibitions together and I like her approach to making pictures that is a good ‘fit’ with the show as I see it.  Finally Stephen MacInnis is someone I feel I know quite well…but only as mediated online…we are separated by the full width of the North Atlantic!

Mara  Mara, 2013  Matthew  Macaulay

5_20130703-DSC06837 Lisa Denyer

apr 1 c  Vincent Hawkins

photo  Rachael Macarthur

thin-red-line-acrylic-and-collage-on-paper Rachael Pinks

SM01w Stephen MacInnis

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