In brief…

038 When I was invited to select work for the Harrington Mill Studios 2013 exhibition programme I had a good think about what might be appropriate.  There was a given that I was very happy about – Maggy Milner had just taken a space in the studios and had been invited to take the first slot following on from the excellent exhibition that Sheila Ravnkilde had presented as a kind of leaving present (Sheila vacated her space in December).

_MG_9096 Sheila Ravnkilde, installation Dec 12 to Feb 13

Maggy’s show will feature both photographs and sculpture and is entitled Ain’t Talkin’ (3rd March to 7th April).

Beyond that I had a blank canvas until an artist I much admire from Nottingham, but who exhibits rarely – Rob Van Beek – approached me and suggested an intriguing idea for a show that I couldn’t resist.  It represented a kind of work in progress idea that we have tried out a few times before with great success, not least with Martin Lewis who was an artist in residence in 2012 and I was keen that Rob be included.

ML@HMS Martin Lewis, in residence, Spring 2012

For his exhibition Rob has chosen to present a range of objects under the title Object World (10th April to 12th May).

Having pencilled in two solo shows I got to thinking about the possibilities that curated shows might bring to the party. not least where we invited in artists from further away when, to be honest, it is more of a struggle to bring in an audience.  One idea I had was that I might put into the programme some work of my own, I exhibited at the Mill back in 2008 and my work has changed considerably over the intervening four years, but I got to thinking maybe – in acknowledgment of the diversity of my practice as a whole.  To that end three more shows will focus around elements of my practice with small contributions from me alongside others.  The first of these will follow on from Rob’s exhibition.  Fotografisch Werk (16th May to 30th May) will bring together half a dozen photographic artists from around Europe and I will show one or two of my photo works, that have only ever been exhibited outside the UK until now.  The others come from France, Portugal, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Dante's-Mountains David Manley, Dante’s Mountains, 2012,

Following on from this, the next show will focus on large scale drawing practice.  The Mark (2nd June to 30th June) will feature another half dozen artists and my selection process is ongoing at present.  What I do know is that Derby based Kate Smith, whose work I admire greatly will be one of those to participate.

b1cc5ecbba1a Kate Smith, Squeeze 1-3, ballpoint pen on aluminium panel

Over the early summer period two artists will come together to present new work in a context that is unfamiliar to their respective audiences – I can’t tell you more yet but both are currently well respected in their field but will be showing an entirely different side of their artistic persona.  Watch this space!  (7th July to 31st July).

We will be taking a welcome break in August but coming back in September I am putting together a small group of artists whose creative practice focusses upon ephemeral materials such as dust and grit. Mote (8th Sept to 29th Sept) will feature our very own Sookyoung Huh showing photographs from her Close Encounters series and the artist Johanna Love whose practice lies in the intersection of photography, print and drawing.

Joseph_The_Rabbit_hair_ Sookyoung Huh, Joseph the rabbit hair, 2011

Show number seven will coincide with our annual Open Studios event and is a selection of works by painters working in the broad area of abstraction.  Using a canvas of mine from 1973 (!) as a springboard I will examine the abiding interest for certain artists in the area of formal abstraction.  The Discipline Of Painting (6th Oct to 7th Nov) is a tongue in cheek reference to the big touring exhibition from 2011 ‘The Indiscipline of Painting’ and will feature artists, Lauri HopkinsDavid Ainley (Derbyshire)  and Andrew Parkinson(Nottingham) as well as others.

DPP07DC04100B3659 Lauri Hopkins

Finally we go through to Christmas with the theme of walking.  I did a good deal of walking whilst working on my series From The Earth Wealth a couple years back and will show a small selection of paintings and photographs from that project alongside a number of others with interests in this area.  Stroll On (10th Nov to 8th Dec) will also feature photographs by my colleague the excellent Ingrid Newton who tracked across swathes of London looking for images in red as part of her Par Hazard series.

20100302_0151 Ingrid Newton, Par Hazard, Journey 3

So there it is…I shall be posting detailed information (including details of Openings and opening times) on each show as it approaches and documentation on each after the event…please check back in due course.

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